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QR code app: is it needed or not? [2023]

It is simpler than it sounds, it takes a few minutes to learn but there are some differences between iOS and Android.

When it comes to QR codes, the absolute most common (and legitimate) question is: do you need an App to read them?

And the answer is. it depends on the smartphone!

In fact, most people who have upgraded their operating system in the past 3 years can scan a QR code without the need for additional apps.

We refer to the diagram below:

For those with an iPhone, no problem: from model 5s onward (a phone released in 2013!) all Apple devices can scan a QR code using only the smartphone camera.

For those with Android, the situation is slightly different: all devices with Android 9 or higher can read QRs without the need for external Apps by activating the “Google Lens” function of the camera. However, currently only 65% of devices have this Android version or a newer one.

What does it mean for everyone else?

Yes, there will be a need to download an App. But beware! This will be a generic QR code reader, which will then allow you to read ALL QR codes, on any product of any brand, not just those related to a particular brand or site.

This also means that your consumers, if they have used a QR code before, most likely already have one of these apps installed on their smartphone.

What is the best App for reading QRcodes?

There are really plenty of them, but I recommend this one, which is one of the few without ads.

Just launch the app, frame the QR code, and you can immediately access the content it encloses.

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