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Lefiole winery talks about its wines with QualityChain

Two sisters, an extraordinary territory and a century-long family tradition-these are the ingredients of the story we decided to tell with QualityChain.

The story begins in the 1920s. Grandfather Guglielmo returns from Argentina and decides to put down roots in Montalto Pavese, the land of his ancestors, where he buys the first acres of land.

Oltrepò Pavese is an incredible land crossed by the 45th parallel, the ideal latitude of all the world’s great wines. Here plains, hills and mountains embrace in a breathtaking panorama dotted with castles and ancient villages. Taking pride of place among these hills is the vine, which for centuries has given richness to the area and given birth to some of the most important wines of the entire Italian production.

panorama oltrepò pavese ancient wines
The Oltrepò Pavese landscape and the bottles produced by Guglielmo Piaggi.

It is precisely to the vine that Guglielmo Piaggi dedicates his life, and after him his son, Enzo, who from his fourteenth birthday to the present has never stopped working and taking care of the vineyard, first with his father and then with his wife Angela and daughters, Elisa e Silvia.

Elisa and Silvia Piaggi in the grapevine of Lefiole

It was they, in 2017, who decided to put a face and a name to the production. The Lefiole brand was born, an affectionate expression that in the Oltrepadana language indicates girls, and which today identifies the wines that are produced on their estate in Montalto Pavese.

The first is called Alené, from the fusion of mom Angela and dad Enzo’s names, and is a Pinot Noir. This grape variety, among the noblest internationally, originated in Burgundy but has found a second home in Oltrepò Pavese for nearly two centuries. 

The second, Elivià named after Elisa and Silvia, is a Pinot Grigio, with a straw-yellow color and copper highlights.

Elisa and Silvia Piaggi taste Elivià and Alené

The stories of both wines are now told and made indelible thanks to QualityChain, which uses blockchain technology (explained easily here) to make information secure and always verifiable by consumers.

Wines tracked on QualityChain blockchain by Lefiole winery.

In fact, it will be possible, by scanning the goblet-shaped QR code hanging on the bottle, to discover the history, values and production techniques behind these wines of excellence, and to verify them through the appropriate blockchain test. All within the reach of a smartphone, using only the camera, in the case of iPhones, or aQR scanning App in the case of an Android device.

Alené and Elivià bottles equipped with this technology will now be marketed through a variety of channels, from direct sales to restaurants, wine shops and online channels, and will allow new consumers to know every detail of the wine they pour into their glass

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