Cherub Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Terraliva is a family story that speaks with its quality extra virgin olive oil, beauty, tradition and passion that makes you live an extraordinary experience all Made in Sicily. Origin: Buccheri Producer: Terraliva (website) It is said that long ago the Cherubim Angels came down from Paradise in search of the best olives. After wandering for a long time, they found the perfect land and decided to stop there to collect and produce the best oil to take to Heaven: they called that place TERRALIVA (Land of Olives). Even today, in the autumn evenings, with a little luck you can see the Cherubs harvesting olives from our fields, and then resting in the rooms where our farm now stands, before embarking on the long journey back to Heaven, Of course, only half of this story is true. Tino Cavarra STEP 1: Our Land ALTITUDE: 700 MASL CULTIVATED AREA: 10 HECTARES SOIL TYPE: VOLCANIC We are located in Buccheri in the province of Syracuse, in the heart of the Iblei Mountains, at an altitude of 700 meters (which is the maximum fruiting level of the olive tree). Our centuries-old olive trees, of ancient native cultivars, rise in our 10 hectares of volcanic soil, completely uncontaminated because they are kilometers away from industries, where they can benefit from the wide temperature range between day and night. The latter stresses the plants in a natural and positive way, giving us a high quality product with unique and precious organoleptic properties.